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We don't take pictures, we deliver souvenirs

Your natural self is beautiful as it is

+About our 

Wedding, proposal & elopement

Welcome to Move - The Move lifestyle is quite simple, we don't stick to one style and we hate repetitiveness. Our goal is to stay on the move, we love change, we love genuine, we love pureness. This is our artistic approach, where we will dig deeper to make sure the pictures we take tells a story, a true love story. Located in Montreal, yet ready to travel around the world, we bring authenticity and artistry together. 


Our approach is all about letting you be yourselves. We work in the background, capturing the magic in a way that feels completely natural and true to you. It's not just about taking pictures; it's about preserving the sincerity and beauty of your big day.

Let's make magic together and join the Move!

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in the genuine and candid moment. We over-shoot so that we don't miss anything, we don't have a limit of pictures, because we edit everything we like. We bring minimum 3 cameras no matter the situations, no matter the weather, no matter the locations and that includes international locations, we guarantee results or get your money back.

+ Wedding +

Why choose us?

If you're looking for a photographer to remove 10lbs in every pictures, to have everything staged, to wait 3-4 months for your pictures, to tell you when to smile then we may not be a fit for you. Our goal is to offer candid moments, catch you when you are the happiest without you knowing the pictures are being taken and to receive your pictures within 2-3 weeks after your wedding. If that spoke to you, give me a call!

Numbers count

We have shot countless of wedding, have shot in 5 different countries and are fully equipped to offer our services in any locations, no matter how remote & far. This is where meeting the clients becomes a hack in whether we are the right fit for you or no. Theres no shame to recommend you elsewhere. All we care is to make you happy, therefore let's have a chat and see if we can be at your service. 


+ Our Portfolio

Want to view a few of our album?

You'd probably want to have a quick look at our previous work, I welcome you to do so by clicking on the below link.

We don't just take pictures

We also offer a few other services in longer to make the experience complete for you: 

- 2 Photobooth station

- A Videobooth 360

- 2 Sparkular

Let us know if you'd like more details!

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Details & prices

We edit everything we like, so there aren't any limits of edited pictures delivered. We believe there shouldn't be a limit of number of souvenirs you have of your more important day of you life. 

8h - 3000$ + tax

Full day - 3600$ + tax

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