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First of all, if you're reading this, you have to understand that being a full time photographer honestly feels like living in a movie and the fact that you're reading this, it feels unreal and I cannot be more excited to live a new episode by your side. You will see below a list of services which are tailored for you to be stress-free, customer oriented & most importantly memorable. As a proud extrovert, I always welcome everyone who wishes to have more information about my services to organise a meeting at my studio. From both end, it'll allows us to break the ice and meet each others vibe.

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Haris & Majda

Plav, Montenegro


Lora & redz.jpg

Alexia & Matthew

Montreal, Qc


Tamara & Ali-141.jpg

Tamara & Ali

Montreal, Qc



Reach out now!  |  Tel: +1 (514) 815-8910 

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